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NEW ITEM! Ellie Flower Girl Basket and Pillow
On sale
Bling Mask Case
On sale
'Melissa' Sword (Available in other Colors)
$300.00 - $350.00
Bling Cake Ball Topper
$125.00 - $140.00
"Keisha" Full Bling Bouquet
On sale
Bling Heart Bouquet
'Joy' Full Face Covering (Available in Rosegold)
"Ellie" Rhinestone Sneakers
'Amanda' Face Shield
On sale
Ellie Acrylic Motif Mask
On sale
"Elizabeth" Full Brooch Bouquet
NEW ITEM! "Allison" Bling Bottle Set
"Michelle" Brooch Bouquet (Available in other colors)
On sale
"Jamie" Full Bling Brooch Bouquet
"Cynthia" Sword (Available in other colors)
Personalized Bling Clutch (Available in various stone colors)
On sale
'Kelli' Hair Combs Pair
NEW STYLE! "Gracie" Bling Champagne Toasting Set
Allison Jumping the Broom (Other Colors Available)
NEW ITEM! "Celena" Bling Bouquet Holder
"Samantha" Face Shield
$49.00 - $60.00
Double Ring Box
On sale
"Laura" Haircomb ( available in Rosegold, Gold & Silver)
On sale
"Ellie" Rhinestone Embroidery Mask
"Kendell" Flower Girl Basket and Pillow
$50.00 - $100.00
"Serving Drama" Face Shield
Bling Sneakers
The Crown Affair
Tiara Face Mask
On sale
Bling Vow Books
Bride and Groom Lace Passport Covers
$19.99 - $34.99
Minister's Binder Book
On sale
Wrapped in Lace
All in One Bling Guest Book (Available in other Colors)
In Stock "Liza" Bling Mask
Andrea Ring Box
"Its All Love" Mask Chain
Rhinestone and Beaded Mask Chains
$12.00 - $18.00
"Kashmere" Full Bling Bouquet Holder
On sale
"Courtney" Bridal Hanger and Bouquet Holder
$75.00 - $160.00
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Blinged OUT 'Kendell' Broom
"Melissa" 7inch Bouquet Holder (Available in other colors)
"The Shelli" Holder and Face Covering Set
On sale
Bling Fanny Pack
"Dionicia" Face Covering
Sold out
"Sheena" Cake Cutting Sword
"Ebony" Bling Bouquet Holder (Available in other colors)
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Bridal Bonnets
$15.00 - $25.00